A class for generating embeddings using the Cohere API.

// Embed a query using the CohereEmbeddings class
const model = new ChatOpenAI();
const res = await model.embedQuery(
"What would be a good company name for a company that makes colorful socks?",
console.log({ res });

Use CohereEmbeddings from @langchain/cohere instead.

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batchSize: number = 48

The maximum number of documents to embed in a single request. This is limited by the Cohere API to a maximum of 96.

modelName: string = "small"


  • Generates embeddings for an array of texts.


    • texts: string[]

      An array of strings to generate embeddings for.

    Returns Promise<number[][]>

    A Promise that resolves to an array of embeddings.

  • Generates an embedding for a single text.


    • text: string

      A string to generate an embedding for.

    Returns Promise<number[]>

    A Promise that resolves to an array of numbers representing the embedding.