Represents a chunk of an AI message, which can be concatenated with other AI message chunks.

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additional_kwargs: {
    function_call?: FunctionCall;
    tool_calls?: ToolCall[];
    [key: string]: unknown;

Additional keyword arguments

The content of the message.

response_metadata: Record<string, any>

Response metadata. For example: response headers, logprobs, token counts.

id?: string

An optional unique identifier for the message. This should ideally be provided by the provider/model which created the message.

invalid_tool_calls?: InvalidToolCall[] = []
name?: string

The name of the message sender in a multi-user chat.

tool_call_chunks?: ToolCallChunk[] = []
tool_calls?: ToolCall[] = []
usage_metadata?: UsageMetadata

If provided, token usage information associated with the message.