Type Parameters

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VisitComparisonOutput: String
VisitOperationOutput: String
allowedComparators: Comparator[] = ...
allowedOperators: Operator[] = ...


  • Parameters

    • defaultFilter: any
    • generatedFilter: any
    • mergeType: string = "and"
    • forceDefaultFilter: boolean = false

    Returns any

  • Visits a comparison and returns a VectaraComparisonResult. The comparison's value is checked for type and the comparator is formatted. Throws an error if the value type is not supported.


    • comparison: Comparison

      The comparison to visit.

    Returns String

    A VectaraComparisonResult.

  • Visits an operation and returns a VectaraOperationResult. The operation's arguments are visited and the operator is formatted.


    • operation: Operation

      The operation to visit.

    Returns String

    A VectaraOperationResult.

  • Visits a structured query and returns a VectaraStructuredQueryResult. If the query has a filter, it is visited.


    • query: StructuredQuery

      The structured query to visit.

    Returns unknown

    A VectaraStructuredQueryResult.