Configuration options for initializing a CassandraKVStore. These options extend generic Cassandra client arguments with specific settings for key-value store operations.


interface CassandraKVOptions {
    keyspace: string;
    table: string;
    keyDelimiter?: string;
    serviceProviderArgs?: CassandraServiceProviderArgs;

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keyspace: string

The name of the Cassandra keyspace to be used by the key-value store. The keyspace must exist.

table: string

The name of the table within the specified keyspace dedicated to storing key-value pairs. The table will be created if it does not exist.

keyDelimiter?: string

An optional delimiter used to structure complex keys. Defaults to '/'. This delimiter is used for parsing complex keys (e.g., hierarchical keys) when performing operations that involve key prefixes or segmentation.

serviceProviderArgs?: CassandraServiceProviderArgs