interface YandexGPTInputs {
    apiKey?: string;
    folderID?: string;
    iamToken?: string;
    maxTokens?: number;
    model?: string;
    modelURI?: string;
    modelVersion?: string;
    temperature?: number;

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apiKey?: string

Yandex Cloud Api Key for service account with the ai.languageModels.user role.

folderID?: string

Yandex Cloud Folder ID

iamToken?: string

Yandex Cloud IAM token for service or user account with the ai.languageModels.user role.

maxTokens?: number

Maximum limit on the total number of tokens used for both the input prompt and the generated response.

model?: string

Model name to use.

modelURI?: string

Model URI to use.

modelVersion?: string

Model version to use.

temperature?: number

What sampling temperature to use. Should be a double number between 0 (inclusive) and 1 (inclusive).