Class representing a document loader for loading pages from Confluence.

const loader = new ConfluencePagesLoader({
baseUrl: "https:
spaceKey: "~EXAMPLE362906de5d343d49dcdbae5dEXAMPLE",
username: "your-username",
accessToken: "your-access-token",
const documents = await loader.load();

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baseUrl: string
limit: number
spaceKey: string
accessToken?: string
expand?: string

expand parameter for confluence rest api description can be found at

personalAccessToken?: string
username?: string


  • Fetches all the pages in the specified space and converts each page to a Document instance.


    • Optionaloptions: {
          limit?: number;
          start?: number;

      the extra options of the load function

      • Optionallimit?: number

        The limit parameter to overwrite the size to fetch pages.

      • Optionalstart?: number

        The start parameter to set inital offset to fetch pages.

    Returns Promise<Document[]>

    Promise resolving to an array of Document instances.