Class for generating embeddings using the Prem AI's API. Extends the Embeddings class and implements PremEmbeddingsParams and

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batchSize: number = 128
client: Prem
model: string

The model to generate the embeddings.

project_id: number

The ID of the project to use.

apiKey?: string

The Prem API key to use for requests.

encoding_format?: "base64" | "float"


  • Method to generate embeddings for an array of documents. Splits the documents into batches and makes requests to the Prem API to generate embeddings.


    • texts: string[]

      Array of documents to generate embeddings for.

    Returns Promise<number[][]>

    Promise that resolves to a 2D array of embeddings for each document.

  • Method to generate an embedding for a single document. Calls the embedDocuments method with the document as the input.


    • text: string

      Document to generate an embedding for.

    Returns Promise<number[]>

    Promise that resolves to an embedding for the document.