Class representing a Writer Large Language Model (LLM). It interacts with the Writer API to generate text completions.

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apiKey: string

Writer API key

model: string = "palmyra-instruct"

Model to use

orgId: number

Writer organization ID

bestOf?: number

Generates this many completions server-side and returns the "best"."

frequencyPenalty?: number

Penalizes repeated tokens according to frequency.

logprobs?: number

Whether to return log probabilities.

maxTokens?: number

Maximum number of tokens to generate in the completion.

minTokens?: number

Minimum number of tokens to generate.

n?: number

Number of completions to generate.

presencePenalty?: number

Penalizes repeated tokens regardless of frequency.

temperature?: number

Sampling temperature to use

topP?: number

Total probability mass of tokens to consider at each step.