• Import from "@langchain/community/document_loaders/web/youtube" instead. This entrypoint will be removed in 0.3.0.

A document loader for loading data from YouTube videos. It uses the youtube-transcript and youtubei.js libraries to fetch the transcript and video metadata.

const loader = new YoutubeLoader(
const docs = await loader.load();

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  • Loads the transcript and video metadata from the specified YouTube video. It uses the youtube-transcript library to fetch the transcript and the youtubei.js library to fetch the video metadata.

    Returns Promise<Document[]>

    An array of Documents representing the retrieved data.

  • Creates a new instance of the YoutubeLoader class from a YouTube video URL.


    • url: string

      The URL of the YouTube video.

    • Optionalconfig: Omit<YoutubeConfig, "videoId">

      Optional configuration options for the YoutubeLoader instance, excluding the videoId.

    Returns YoutubeLoader

    A new instance of the YoutubeLoader class.